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Facilities Planning & Construction



Management of Capital Projects

    Program/project Development of Capital Projects:
  • Reviews, schedules and coordinates architect/engineer/construction manager selection and manages design-build process;
  • Coordinates all aspects of project between client user-group, administration, trustees, plant operations, and all other on and off campus units;
  • Translates program needs into cost estimates with design drawings and specifications;
  • Assures compliance with federal, state and local codes and regulations;
  • Emphasizes cost control with sound building design; generates standards and general criteria for quality built environment.

    Construction Management:

  • Manages all aspects of construction projects through bidding and construction manager processes with staff supervision over construction scheduling, project payments tracking and approval change orders;
  • Coordinates interface with academic, research, and all other institutional units to undertake modification of campus infrastructure;
  • Deliver space to user in final form in accordance with the program.

    Design of Facilities and Grounds

    Site Selection and Comprehensive Physical Development Plan:
  • develops and updates site options per program requirements or as administratively directed;
  • sets priorities and standards for development and future land-use;
  • generates comparative assessments for internal decisions on building assignment, prioritizing of infrastructure and deferred maintenance expenditures and property utilization.

    Interface with Metro/Community on Planning Issues:
  • In conjunction with VU Office of Community Relations and VU Real Estate, advises on land acquisition, zoning matters, and coordinates as needed on matters involving interaction among campus/neighborhood/Metro interest groups;
  • Public relations matters and volunteer service to non-profits via VU.

    Planning of Campus Landscape:
  • Enhances and sets parameters to preserve natural features of grounds and landscape environment;
  • Coordinates integrating of building programs, plus service/utility, parking/transportation, pedestrian/auto circulation, and all other manmade elements harmoniously into existing infrastructure; encourages preservation of courts and open spaces.